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Abstract print on paper comprised of purples, reds, pinks, and blue colors.

Untitled, 1985

Abstract lithograph on paper with vertical gestures of light, dark blue, and white.

Untitled, 1985

Abstract lithograph print on paper with a beige and mauve background, with two magenta and white forms flanking the left and right of the composition

Untitled (Color Trial Proof), 1985

Abstract monotype print on paper with a blue background and bands of blue, yellow, purple, and green reaching from left to right on the canvas. Yellow forms border the composition at the top, left, and right.

Tide Change, 1987

Abstract print on paper

Add Daffodil (AKA Street Festival), 1987

Abstract print on paper with a red rectangular form in front of a grey and blue-green background. A thin yellow line curves alongside the bottom of the composition.

Soft the Sun (Printer’s Proof), 1989


Untitled, 1990

Abstract silk collagraph monoprint with chine collé on paper; a light pink form is surrounded by a red shape on the bottom and red and blue on the top.

Cherry Colored Twist, 1990

A yellow print on paper, with a circular red-orange form in the bottom right.

Harvest Moon (ed. 14 of 25), 1991

A print on paper with a red background and gestures of purple throughout. Yellow and brown lines are located at the top right of the composition.

Red Wing (ed. 6 of 15), 1991-1992

A print with a large purple form layered onto of grey, light purple, and some orange-yellow peeking from the bottom.

Waterfront, 1992

Monotype on paper with a large V-shaped form in the center made of light blue, purple, and orange in the background; a streaky brown-green form borders this V-shape

Sprinkler, 1993

A print with dark blue forms against a light background, with yellow and orange marks layered on top of the dark blue forms.

Arroyo, 1995

Monoprint on paper of a large blue-green form with magenta in the upper-right background.

Untitled, 1996

Monoprint on paper of a large dark orange form with bright orange hints of blue in the upper-right background.

Shades of Twilight, 1996

Monoprint on paper with blue horizontal gestures on top of an orange and red background.

Madder, 2003

Monoprint on paper of magenta and blue brushstrokes centered over a yellow and yellow-orange background.

Late Afternoon, 2009

Monoprint on paper with a centered light green form; a dark green open square is layered on top, and the background is yellow and beige.

Glade, 2015

Monoprint on paper with a blurry turquoise color layered over a red and cream-colored background.

Untitled, 2015

Monoprint on paper of red brustrokes moving from side to side, with a yellow form on the left and right of the composition.

Western, 2016