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Book cover with an subtract painting on the cover and blue border. The text reads: "Alice Trumbull Mason, Pioneer of American Abstraction."
May 2020

Alice Trumbull Mason: Pioneer of American Abstraction

“When I look back on my mother, I remember someone who was resilient and driven by her principles. She was first and foremost an abstract painter – a pioneer of her time from pioneer stock. She was the only abstract painter among the four hundred participants at the Washington Square art show in 1935 […] I wish she was here to realize the impact on art she has had and her growing reputation today. This book was conceived as a tribute to my mother’s life and a testament to the perseverance of her inner core.” – Emily Mason, excerpted from the Foreword

In these days of long complication and sudden growth, many will pass unnoticed… many will raise themselves for the time being and vanish again unheard thereafter. Who will be there to stay while the years explode?” – Alice Trumbull Mason, from an undated prose poem

Written by Thomas Micchelli, Meghan Forbes, Christina Weyl, Elisa Wouk Almino, Will Heinrich, and Marilyn R. Brown. The first comprehensive publication exploring the life and art of pioneering American abstract artist Alice Trumbull Mason is perfect for audiences eager to discover unsung yet brilliantly talented women artists. A groundbreaking artist, Alice Trumbull Mason (1904-1971) was one of the earliest painters of the twentieth century to embrace abstract painting in America. Mason’s early paintings have been compared to those of Gorky, Kandinsky, and Miró, and in 1936 she became a founding member of the American Abstract Artists (AAA) and one of its leaders in the promotion of abstract work by artists such as Josef Albers, Ad Reinhardt, Piet Mondrian, and many others. Mason was a true artist’s artist whose efforts helped lead to the great movements of later twentieth-century art, such as Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Post-Modernism, and Conceptual Art. Alice Trumbull Mason features essays that illuminate and contextualize the artist’s multifaceted work and personal life through her paintings, prints, poetry, and letters. The book reveals the full life story of a seminal abstractionist, making a sound argument for adding her to the annals of great twentieth-century artists.

ISBN: 978-0-8478-6699-1

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Book cover with an image of an abstract woodblock print of five, thin, oblong vertical forms on a black background. The color of the forms from right to left are white, dark pink, navy blue, black, and a dark periwinkle. White text on a black background at the top reads "Alice Trumbull Mason: Etchings and Woodcuts"
Jan 1985

Alice Trumbull Mason: Woodcuts

This book, with an introduction by curator Una E. Johnson…brings together for the first time a comprehensive sampling of the etchings and woodcuts she made from 1947 through 1969, and begins to place in perspective Alice Trumbull Mason’s contribution to the history of American printmaking.

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