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Abstract oil on canvas painting with thick brushstrokes of browns, greys, taupes, and mauves.

Umbria Verte, 1958

Abstract oil painting of yellows brrushstokes, which large patches of white brushstrokes in the center and bottom right. Quick purple and black brushtrokes peek behind the center white swathe.

Practice Winter, 1962

Abstract oil painting comprised of a magenta wash of color in the background, layered with red and green brushstrokes and three blocks of thick yellow drippy brushstrokes in the foreground.

Stillness is Volcanic, 1966

Abstract oil painting of yellow and orange-yellow washes of color, with three blocks of thickly brushed blue washes of color crossing at the bottom of the canvas. one thing, single blue line diagonally cuts across the center of the canvas.

Mitred Afternoon, 1970

An image of an abstract oil on canvas painting; on the left side of the composition is a light coral patch, with a a patch of dark greens and browns above it. Light brushstrokes of grey, blue, and cream are at the right of the composition.

August Burning Low, 1978

Abstract oil painting with washes of colors stained and lightly brushed onto the canvas. Muted blues and purples are in the foreground, with oranges, greens, and reds in the background.

Whose Fingers Comb the Sky, 1978

Abstract oil painting of dark blues, purples, and magentas, with a streak of white and green entering the composition from the upper right corner and dripping towards the bottom center.

Monadnock, 1985

Abstract oil painting with energetic brushstrokes of reds, greens, and yellows. Colors overlaps and bleed together through drips and staining.

Untitled (Vermont), 1985

Abstract oil painting made with energetic brushstrokes of bright yellow, reds, and red-oranges. A "v" shape of blue paint punctuated the center, and a mark of the same blue color appeared towards the bottom left.

Tropic, 1989

Abstract oil painting comprised of varying red shades. Patches of blue, yellow, green, and magenta brushstrokes appear at the upper corners and center of the composition.

Semaphore, 1991

Multi-colored abstract oil painting with quick brush strokes; blues, greens, reds, and yellow overlap densely in the center of the canvas.

Secreted in a Star, 1993

Abstract oil painting with yellow and yellow-orange brushstrokes, punctuated with small areas of turquoise and light-blue thought.

A Trip to the Moon, 1998

Abstract oil painting with tones of blue on the left, with greens and yellows on the right. Three yellow rectangular shapes are in the center of the composition.

Sacred Emblem, 2002

Abstract oil painting with a background of dark purples, and a large multi-colored block in the center-left of the canvas. This block of color is horizontal strips of red, orange, blue, and yellow, which all drip downward toward the bottom of the painting.

Unembedded, 2005

Abstract oil painting with patches of purple and magenta on the bottom half, and blocks of yellow-oranges with undefined borders.

Burns Golden, 2007

Abstract oil painting created with a variety of brushstrokes. There is a field of a translucent, bright green on the left, and vertical drops of magenta and red on the right. In the center of the painting, all of these colors intersect via upwards brushstrokes.

Greening, 2008

Red, orange, and yellow oil on canvas painting with one vertical, slightly geometric purple line at the top right of the composition

Machu Picchu, 2010

Abstract oil painting with dark blues at the bottom, swirls of light blue brushstrokes in the center, blending into magenta and purple patches of color at the top.

Aquifer, 2010

Down Wind by Emily Mason is an abstract oil painting. There is a section of light blue tones in the upper right of the canvas, and a large expanse of orange in the upper left. A horizontal, square, magenta form is at the bottom, with yellow peeking from behind.

Down Wind, 2014

Abstract oil painting of translucent dark blues, light blues, and green-blue brushstrokes. A streak of white enters from the upper left side of the canvas, reaching towards the right side.

Arctic Ice, 2016

Becalmed by Emily Mason is an oil painting comprised of light green tones, with a light magenta horizontal form entering the composition in the center left.

Becalmed, 2016

Abstract oil painting comprised of red, yellow, and varying hues of purple, ranging from lavender to blue-violet. Some areas between colors are blurred, while others have defined edges.

Up River, 2016

Abstract oil painting with a light yellow background and a large, deep blue patch at the upper left corner. The blue patch is brushed downward towards the bottom, blending with the yellow and creating a blue-green wash of color in the center

Down Draft, 2018

Abstract oil painting with deep purple patch of color on the bottom, with a large black patch from the the center to the bottom right.

Midnight Slant, 1986-1987