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Tidal Depths, Sekishu (ed. 7 of 30), 1954

woodcut, 14 x 9.5 in. (35.6 x 24.1 cm)

In 1950, fellow cohort of Atelier 17 Letterio Calapai loaned Alice Trumbull Mason his Washington hand-style printing press, which Mason volunteered to store. Although the press was missing a few components, Mason was enthusiastic about experimenting with woodcut prints, and was able to reassemble the machine. Pictured above is Mason in 1954 pulling the woodcut “Tidal Depths, Sekishu” off of the press.

Black and white photograph from 1954 of a light-skinned, middle aged women, examining a print just pulled off of a large printmaking press.
Photograph by John D. Schiff